14 January, 2016 10:45


After a busy week of early starts and late nights in the office, Guy Rice (32) was looking for a way to get an extra bit of spring in his step.

“I was just so worn out. I mean, it’s never easy coming back to work after the holidays – but I was really burning out the candle this week,”

After consultations with his GP, Mr Rice became aware that there was very little he could do about his lack of energy, short of going to bed earlier.

“I’m not often feeling this worn out. It’s just been a big week. Working in sales means my hours vary quite dramatically,”

With the weekend in sight, the young father of two says he decided to finish the week with a bang – by consuming 100 grams of sugar, mixed in a concoction of caffeine, preservatives and the exotic Brazilian berry guarana.

“It took me fifteen minutes, but once I had finished the entire 710 milliliters, I could almost instantly feel like I was back on task,”

“I have been working like a maniac for the last couple of hours. Now I know why I see all those tradesmen drinking these things on the way too work… It’s so revitalising!”

“I just wish I had this with my breakfast this morning, because I’m starting to get chest pains from rushing through my muesli on the way to work,”

While Mr Rice says his GP might be a bit upset with him drinking such a large volume of soft drink, he says it’s not that bad considering what he’s sees other people drinking.

“This stuff is probably healthier than your average can of soft drink because of all the berries and stuff they put in it,”


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