A local tax accountant has faked a phone call to avoid any form of confrontation with a dodgy bloke in a hoodie who has been walking at exactly the same pace, but a couple steps behind him, for about thirty metres.

Even though Andy Braith (31) considers himself tough enough to be able to hold his own with a stranger in the street, he doesn’t like the fact that this bloke is behind him and out of sight.

“It’s not like I’m going to spin around and ask him what the go is” says Andy.

“He’s probably unaware of how uncomfortable he is making me”

“This is an industrial area and he is wearing tracksuits. I’m ready for whatever goes down”

With the instinctive feelings of flight or flight currently pulsing through his body, Andy clenches one fist, stops walking, and pulls out his phone.

“Brucey how are ya, mate!?” he yells into a locked screen while taking a step back from the footpath.

With the dodgy bloke now fully in sight, Andy keeps pretending to talk to somebody until the bloke is a few steps ahead.

With the risk successfully averted, he drops to his knees puffing.

“Fuck that was a close one”

“I don’t like fighting – but if I have to, I will”


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