A local man has today requested that his girlfriend either congratulate him or cuddle him for how well he has managed to clean the dishes, a task she can usually pull off without him knowing.

While wrist deep in some good old fashioned domestic work, Brett Phelan (29) is making an unnecessary amount of noise, and constantly looking over to his girlfriend Alex, who is pretending to not notice.

“Jeez. There’s a fair bit of washing up here” he says

“A fair bit for me to clean up because I am cleaning the dishes in the kitchen”

With his girlfriend floating around the kitchen and occasionally offering to dry up, Brett is continuing to make a big deal by not letting her help him.

“Nah. It’s fine. I’ve got this”

“I’m just doing some cleaning up”

However, despite the carry-on, the fact of the matter is that Alex is actually quite impressed.

“He can bang on all he likes, as long as it is getting done. Properly” she says.

“This is like the time he made fried rice and declared himself the new Matt Preston”

“I’m quite impressed by the speed at which he is getting through it”

“But that also makes me worry that he is forgetting an integral part of the process – I hope he hasn’t forgotten to rinse everything again”




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