With only a few months to go in the 2018 Bonds Baby Search competition, young mothers around the country are starting to ramp up their online campaigns.

Described as “Australia’s biggest baby search competition” the brand have once again put out an open call to find the next new little faces of Bonds. The competitions claims to look for bubs with oodles of individuality and character, whether that be cheeky, charming, comical – or all three!

With the highly sought after prize of 40% all online purchases from Bonds online, thousands of toddlers around the country are having their photographs blasted all across the internet in mum’s quest to receive lifelong bragging rights.

“Jeighsyn loves the camera so much we decided to enter him in the Bonds baby search” says local 19-year-old mother, Hay-Leigh, who’s Facebook profile lists her occupation as ‘Full-Time-Mummy’.

“Vote for Jeighsie everyone!”

Another social-media addicted young mother by the name of Brooki spoke to the Betoota Advocate about the annual rush towards the knighthood of motherhood.

“It’s really a great rush seeing my Ryson on a real website”

“He’s the first one in our family to be famous, except for his uncle Lenny who was on A Current Affair, but that wasn’t a good thing”

“Me and my mum think he’s way cuter than the other four thousands kids on there”

Only one week in to the online competition, Facebook has reported a 1500% increase in the use of the word ‘bub’ since Bonds began taking entries



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