A bloke who went fishing last weekend, for the first time since his childhood, is now really a fishing guy, it has been confirmed.

While even claiming to have a few ‘secret spots’ – East Betoota man Ed Davison (27) is today flaunting his new Shimano Tcurve Nano PX 762 & Rarenium CI4+ 1000FB 1-3kg Spin Combo fishing rod to his mates in both a group chat and in wider social media.

Only seven days after he caught his first fish in his life, and had to throw it back in because it was undersize.

Local mate, Brett, is a bit sceptical.

“Mate he wouldn’t have known the difference between a lure a propeller last week. He literally hadn’t been on a boat for ten years”

“He’s just had a bit of fun and realised that people listen to him when he talks about fishing. So he’s going all out”

All out is correct, with Ed even buying himself some special ‘fishing clothes’ – including long sleeved lycra skins and amphibious reef shoes.

“There’s too much drag on the other stuff. I used to wear just footy shorts but it’s not ideal for the long days out on the boat”


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