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Depending on which one you talk to, each member of an infamous sharehouse in Betoota’s Old City district will tell you that they’re not the one to blame for the washing up spiralling out of control.

Beginning life last Saturday night after a small gathering of friends, the washing up from that humdinger was left to soak in the kitchen of the 4-bedroom terrace overnight.

However, that’s the last the five occupants agree on.

“The day after, Julia [front bedroom] decided she needed to bake a cake,” said Tony from the rear, upstairs bedroom.

“The kitchen basically looked like Kosovo after that. But the thing is, Jules cleaned up a bit after she was done. But I don’t think she wiped down the bench. Then when the cake was done, she took it up the coast with her until Tuesday.”

That’s when Hamish from the storage-space-cum-attic-bedroom decided to chime in.

“I don’t think that’s exactly right,” he said. “She cleaned up the bowls but not the food processor.”

The 24-year-old then asked our reporter for a cigarette.

“Jules should know better, her cousin is a chef. Anyway, Tony and Borris think it’s my turn to do the washing up, because today is my rostered day. But fuck that, I barely use the kitchen. Why should I have to do it.”

Borris explained that Hamish needs to do it today because it’s his allotted day – and his own rostered day is tomorrow.

“There’s absolutely no way I”m doing it tomorrow,” said Borris, from the master bedroom.

“If Hamish doesn’t do it today, then why should I do it tomorrow? Why bother even having a washing up roster? I don’t know why I made one in the first place.”

As there’s nothing going on around town at the moment, The Advocate plans to follow this developing story into the coming work week.

More to come.


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