Local bloke Miles Erikson has been itching to sport a mo for years now.

Not because it suits him, or because he feels the need to hide half his features, but purely for the approval of other men who too, along with getting super bulked up, are all silently competing to be the ultimate bro.

Miles’ girlfriend, Evie, has been pretty vocal about how much she hates the furry caterpillar that’s taken up residence above her boyfriend’s top lip, resorting to passive-aggressive tactics in an effort to get him to shave it.

Stopping short of physically grabbing a razor and attacking him in his sleep, Evie has attempted to subtly suggest to her boyfriend that he was a lot more attractive when he didn’t resemble a 1970’s pornstar.

Add to that the horrible feeling of kissing a bristly lip, which, at times, has resulted in a few stray hairs getting stuck behind the molars, and Evie is sick to death of kissing pubes.

It’s likely that Miles is aware of his girlfriend’s preference but at this point he’s in for the long game.

But Miles wouldn’t be a true piss taker if he didn’t at least attempt to take her shaving request seriously, which he has – only it just so happens to be his head.

To add insult to the injury, Miles was naturally blessed with a full head of thick wavy hair and a set of feather duster eyelashes to match.

Both of which are Evie’s favourite features of his.

It’s not known exactly how well Evie reacted to Mile’s fresh new look but the newly changed relationship status suggests she lost her shit.

More to come.


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