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A group of friends have had a rather concerned telepathic conversation today after they were introduced to their mate’s new girlfriend.

While the group were out for their socially acceptable group training session they came across their mate, Jeff, and his new girlfriend Jess. Unable to comment aloud, the group began conversing telepathically.

“Dude, does anyone else think Jeff and Jess look identical?” said one of the mates just floating the idea quietly to his friends, who then replied in a cacophony of agreement.


“Oh my god!”

“Dude, I wasn’t gonna say anything but they’re like brother and sister!”

It’s believed that this isn’t a situation unique to Jeff and Jess, researchers at the Betoota CSIRO campus have been conducting a study into this phenomenon for the last ten years.

Lead researcher Boris Aespo explains to The Advocate a little bit of the science behind what they’ve dubbed ‘Unrelated Incest’.

“Well, people are naturally drawn to other people who are familiar”

“We’re yet to finalise the findings but we believe people who end up like this are likely to be very egotistical and into themselves – hence they choose someone who looks like them. They think they’re good looking so, naturally, someone who looks like them is good looking too.”

“Of course these decisions are all made subconsciously, but as we say here at the CSIRO, subconscious makes the choices conscious is too scared to.”

At the time of press the friends were thinking about how they could get Jess and Jeff to take a DNA test, just to make sure there was no chance they were distant cousins or something.

More to come.   


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