On the foothills of the least tranquil side of the Blue Mountains sits Lithgow, NSW.

A town known for its rich history and efficient train station. As things stand, Lithgow has been struggling to attract visitors to their town. That is, unless the visitors are prison officers or prison inmates.

The town has not really been able to top its brief flutter in the spotlight after former-resident and national sprinter Marjorie Jackson-Nelson AC, CVO, MBE won two Olympic and seven Commonwealth Games Gold Medals, six individual world records between 1950-1954

“The Lithgow Flash” as she was colloquially known, is just one of many products of the town who is good at running. Although, unlike most residents, she was never seen sprinting with a LED flatscreen over he shoulder.

However, today Lithgow is back in the spotlight, after winning the prestigious ‘Best TAB in Australia award’.

The 33-year-old betting institution has been praised for making several simple, but substantial, changes to their floor space. Including a water cooler, vending machine and plastic play pen for the little ones.

“It was a shock” says franchise manager, Deborah Macintosh (55).

“We were just trying to be efficient. It’s hard to put on a punt with these little shits crawling everywhere”

“But, it is an honour. We are glad to be putting Lithgow on the map again”

“There’s no reason why we can’t be the next Milthorpe or Maleny. It’s a beautiful town once you look past the prisons and severe youth crime rate”

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