Greens Party Leader Richard Di Natale has today been spotted talking to a practicing Voodoo witch doctor in the streets of Collingwood, in a last ditch effort to compromise the rise of the far-right.

Not one to shy from his interest in the alternative lifestyle, last month the Senator spoke to the Betoota Advocate about how leaving his semi-precious crystals out during a full moon was an important part of recharging his spiritual energy while in Canberra.

Following the resignation of rival Senator Cory Bernardi from the Liberal Party Of Australia, Richard Di Natale is believed to be very concerned about the amount of options voters now have outside of the left.

This is why he needs to put a stop to it, by visiting a Haitian mambo in the streets of West Collingwood.

“I don’t want to hurt him… I’d never want that… But can you make something happen to his tongue?” he asked the practitioner, by the name of Fabiola Stefanié.

“I don’t usually do this… But I’m at a loss. My party aren’t listening. No one is listening. I need to take this into my own hands”

According to the Greens Party website: Houngans (Male Vodou Priest) or Mambos (Female Vodou Priest) are usually people who were chosen by the dead ancestors and received the divination from the deities while he or she was possessed. His or her tendency is to do good by helping and protecting others from spells, however they sometimes use their supernatural power to hurt or kill people.

This marks a turbulent return to Parliament for Richard Di Natale, who last week told the Betoota Advocate that he believed 2017 would be his year, after squeezing in one last ‘bush doof’ over the summer break.




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