Former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce wants an overhaul to the hiring regulations at Parliament House, so politicians can go to work without having to worry about seducing babes like his new missus.

Speaking with ABC’s National Wrap after the birth of his son Sebastian last week, Joyce has promised to do everything he can to be a good father, and believes that starts with changing the culture of politics.

“Canberra is a weird place,” he said.

“You’ve got absolute sex bombs like me walking around the place with tight moleskin trousers that hug the crotch, and then you’ve got some serious smokeshows like Vikki working alongside me”

“I mean, when you’re spending 52 weeks away from home. Shit’s gonna happen”

“I don’t blame Vikki for falling for the big dog. I don’t blame anyone who’s done anything similar. I’m a red-blooded regional man, there’s obviously a magnetic attraction to be people like me”


Mr Joyce split from his wife Natalie last year and is now in a relationship with his former media adviser Vikki Campion, after the two of them became unable to put the workplace sexual tension to rest, while both still in relationships.

Dubbed the new ‘Lleyton and Bec’ of Australia’s media landscape, the young family gave birth to their first son Sebastian a week ago.


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