International all-rounder Jarryd Hayne has been spotted meeting with his manager at lunch today, shortly after Western Sydney locals reported seeing him rolling the arm over with a few local kids at the Auburn Park nets.

“I think I’ve got what it takes’ Hayne was heard saying to his ever-patient and supportive manager.

“While training in Fiji for rugby union, I used to stand under the breadfruit trees and pretend I was on the boundary at the MCG, waiting for a catch.”

‘Once the fruit dropped and I presented my two hands in an unorthodox fashion, a fire ignited in my heart. I took some screamers.’

While Hayne focuses on becoming a top order Batsmen for Australia, many are questioning his capabilities, and if he’s quit the ciggies and partying with dodgy Gold Coast people.

Gordon, a Parramatta local exclaimed his disappointment that Hayne wasn’t focussing on securing up-and-unders’ on his goal line, or swooping on grubbers from trainers in the in-goal area.

“We’re doing shit enough as it is, the last thing the Eels need is to lose our favourite son, behind Sterling and Kenny!’ Gordon said while sipping a schooey of VB in front of the River Nile pokie machine at Parramatta leagues.

“But good luck to the bloke, if he’s got a good cover drive on him, definitely, he belongs in the Australian test team” he added.

“I haven’t felt this much bittersweet excitement since he flew to America to have a cup of coffee with the 49ers”

It will remain to be seen whether Hayne gets the call up amidst the current cricket crisis, but at this stage, anything can happen.


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