A young man from the North of Italy is today in the Intensive Care Unit at Betoota Base Hospital.

Marco Giovanni (27) was rushed to hospital a short time ago after receiving what doctor’s say was a ‘critical shock to the nervous system.’

The young Milanese man is currently in the Channel Country undertaking his farm work at a large pub, and has spent the last couple of months taking in what Betoota has to offer.

Moderately well liked aside from his alcohol induced handsiness, the young Italian has made a number of friends around town.

However, it was reportedly some of these friends who caused the medical episode.

The incident occurred when young Marco was shown pictures of what people do to pizzas in Australia.

After refusing to believe that there are people in this world that would put hotdogs into pizza crust, Marco was then treated to a bit of a slideshow of modern Australian culinary innovation.

“No,” he gasped in disbelief after seeing pictures of cheese coming out of the crust of a loaded Meatlovers.

Accustomed to an incredible thin base with minimal high quality ingredients, Marco then started appearing short of breath after seeing bacon and eggs on top of a pizza.

Not sensing the danger Marco was in, the final blow to the young man’s well groomed body came when his friends showed him a picture of a pizza that’s crust was a castle wall of meat pies.

“Mama Mia, nooooooo,” he shrieked before collapsing.

Initially thinking Marco was being a little dramatic, his friends were soon forced to call an ambulance to collect the young man.

He is currently in a critical but stable condition, with doctors hopeful that the running of an espresso machine in the background will help him make a full recovery.


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