A dodgy old bloke on site named Roger says he doesn’t know what the fuck happened to ZOO magazine but he’s yet to find a magazine quite like it.

“I don’t know why they stopped printing it. I loved them” says the 67-year-old expert in glass balustrade installation.

The iconic lads mag, Zoo Weekly, officially announced it’s closure on the 17th September 2015 . The closure encompassed all platforms: print, website and social media assets and took effect from Monday 12 October 2015 – after the publication was criticised for increasingly insensitive content. Including a feature article on “the list of Australia’s sexiest Asylum Seekers”.

Their closure came at the same time as the rise of internet lad-content, which includes much more explicit pornography than their print predecessors ever did.

Daniel, one of the chirpy younger apprentices takes it upon himself to explain to old Roger that most blokes don’t really enjoy looking at photos of women in no-brand bikinis anymore.

“Most blokes can get by smoko without having to look at half naked chicks” he says.

“There’s plenty of better stuff on the internet to look at, don’t really know why you’d wanna share sticky magazines in this day and age”

Roger is startled.

“But… What about Imogen Bailey, what’s she doing for work?”

Daniel shrugs and says maybe they got a job actually modelling when bikini photos became redundant.

“I doubt that” says Roger.

“She was too kinky for that world. Did you read some of the Q and A’s she did in FHM?”

“What about Krystal from Big Brother?”

Daniel pulls out his phone and opens Instagram.

“Have a go at this”


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