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Workmates of Mohammed Sayeed have told The Advocate that the typically quiet young man has ‘really come out of his shell’ this week after his Bangladesh Tigers beat the Australian Test cricket team in Dhaka yesterday for the first time ever.

Taking a position at the double-hatted Betoota Hotel bistro, the 24-year-old new arrival to town has been giving it to his colleagues apparently after the victory.

“Mate, he’s given us all a big tongue lashing,” said a fellow chef.

“He reduced one of the bartenders to tears, calling him a ‘cricket cuck boy’ and other horrible things. Bloke loves his cricket, though. He’s a legend in my book, but he should really pick his targets,”

“Other than that, the prick’s just had this fucking grin on his face the whole time. Go to pick something up from the pass? There he fucking is smiling back at you. Drop off some dirty dishes to the dish pigs out back, there he is, smiling at you from the kitchen. I can’t fucking stand it.”

When asked to provide comment on his recent behaviour, Sayeed said was brief but to the point.

“Sorry, brother. Busy.”

More to come.


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