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Someone who said they’d give Peter Dutton a piece of their mind if they ever saw him had the opportunity to do so today but ultimately didn’t because they got scared.

A self-described social justice warrior from our town’s cosmpolitan French Quarter, Darcy Castlemane said he’s kicking himself this afternoon because he let the Home Affairs minister off the hook.

Dutton was in Betoota earlier today to attend the christening of Clancy Overell’s youngest son, Ringburn Arthur Overell.

Darcy said he came face to face with Dutton in the mens room of the Remienko Memorial Aerodrome Qantas Club just after lunch.

Looking over at the spooky-looking coastie, Darcy said it took a second for him to recognise who he was looking at.

“I looked over at Peter and we locked eyes as we pissed,” said Darcy.

“After a few seconds, Peter asked me what I was looking at. I just said nothing and went back to staring at the wall in front of me,”

“Then when Peter was walking out, he called me a pussy,”

“I fucking hate myself right now. I wanted to give him a spray for all the refugees and people he’s deported. I fucking hate him so much, we need GetUp to actually do a better fucking job next time and Zali him back to the police force!”

“Such a golden opportunity, wasted.”

The Advocate reached out to the Home Affairs Office for comment but were told we were joking if we though Peter Dutton would ever reply.

More to come.


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