Local storeman, Greg Giles (38) says the fact he ‘only makes $60k a year’ from ‘basically running’ a warehouse in Townsville is a perfect example of why Australia has gone to shit.

He says, while he appreciated seeing Malcolm Turnbull abuse Bill Shorten on Channel Seven news last week, he didn’t understand a lot of the words he was using and is infuriated by it.

“These people don’t do shit for us” he roars, while fiddling with the air conditioning remote in his two story rendered brick family home.

“Name one thing a politician has ever done for me”

Greg is one of many Australians currently steering their support away from the two-party system, he says it’s because all pollies are crooks. Except for Pauline.

“Pauline is the only one with a big enough hide to say fuck you to the banks and the environment”

“We don’t care about your stats and numbers, everything is too expensive as it is”

As was expected, One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson has responded to this man’s sentiments in a press conference in some shithole she was visiting yesterday. 27 cameras were present with seven cylinders of pressurised oxygen to lend to the Federal Senator.

“Anyone who felt like they didn’t get a joke they saw on Micalef, or anyone who just generally hates people that wear suits should vote for One Nation”

“We will make these uppity tertiary-educated people who know so much stuff pay”

“The media, the politicians they aren’t listening to us”

“One Nation is the only party who knows exactly how it feels to live in a two story rendered brick McMansion with air-con on non-stop and two automatic four wheel-drives that you bought during the mining boom”

“And three jet skis sitting in the titan shed”

“We are the only political party that represents people who aren’t interested in politics but hate the way Malcolm Turnbull pronounces big words’



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