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Felicia Bryans (25), has today sent concerned ripples through her friendship group and Instagram followers alike, after uploading a cropped and captionless selfie at Betoota’s St. Margaret’s Private Hospital.

It is understood that Felicia, who is in hospital for a routine health checkup, shared the photo with the clear intention of receiving enquiries and concern about her health.

“Oh look, Beccie just messaged me asking if I was ok, isn’t that sweet” said Felicia, feigning sincerity.

“I’m not going to reply just yet…”

Despite there being nothing wrong with Felicia, she insisted on exacerbating the tension and ambiguity around the state of her health to her immediate friendship group.

Behavioural psychologist, Dr. Gina Specter, explains that this is just a hangover from the narcissism social media has brought about, stating that,

“Hospital selfies are just the tip of the iceberg. This generation will do anything to illicit sympathy from their peers – sharing the funeral of a cousin they barely knew, for instance.”

The Advocate can confirm that Felicia has since updated her Facebook status with an equally unnecessary and ambiguous message that still doesn’t confirm what her illness is.

“I just want to say thank you to all of my beautiful friends who messaged me to see if I was ok. It’s never fun being in hospital, but thanks to you guys it was way more bearable”

While showing gratitude for people’s kindness is the correct thing to do, Felicia’s status slightly misses the mark. With only one person messaging her, the Advocate can only assume that this is more millennial attention seeking behaviour.

More to come.



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