As final year examinations end around the nation, year 12 students are alight with excitement at the prospect of never doing another exam again. Lesser known but equally elated, are the nation’s senior music examiners who are getting on the piss to celebrate not having to hear a shitty cover of Jimi Hendrix’s Little Wing for another year.

“I’ll drink to that mate! “Fly on Little Wing,” yeah, yeah. Fly on and fuck off.”

The iconic 1967 track features Hendrix’s whimsical lyrics and melodic guitar which demonstrates his timeless, technical musical skill. Nostalgic charm, mild challenge and slight obscurity make the song an ideal performance choice for final year high school music students who fancy themselves as a bit of a Hendrix type.

“Every school we go to, there’s always this one red-eyed kid with a Fender Stratocaster, who sways in like a Goddamn wind chime. Before they say what they’re playing we know. We can tell by the headband.”

A popular as the song is, music examiner Wendy Nicholson (29) believes she’s never heard a good rendition of it.

“I don’t get their stupid teenage logic. ‘There’s one of the most talented guitarists who has ever lived, I better cover him using this shitty school amplifier and a drummer who only learnt the song yesterday.’ Over it. Here’s to 10 months without that shit!”

While this sentiment is mirrored heavily by other examiners, there are some who believe Little Wing covers have taken a dip in recent years although they’re not overjoyed as to why.

“So much Ed Sheeran. I’ve never gone out of my way to listen to his music and I’ve never needed to. Imagine hearing that blokes entire discography in lower quality pubescent tones. I don’t have to imagine it; it was my life for the past two months! I’m seriously considering filing for workers comp!”



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