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The days he spent behind a bar and picking up glasses is behind him – so too is the expectation for him to work on the weekend.

Taking time out of his idle Saturday afternoon to speak candidly to The Advocate, Conor Dalhasse said his boss rang this morning about 9 and all he could do was laugh.

“Who does this bloke think he is?” asked the 27-year-old project manager.

“There is absolutely no way I’m answering my work phone today, or tomorrow, or on any weekend – ever. If they want to do that, they’re going to have to give me a fucking steep pay rise,”

“Anyway mate, good talking to you but I’ve got to get back to devouring mangoes in my new hammock. Have a good one.”

The popular Droga5 Betoota employee explained shortly before hanging up on our reporter that he was even hesitant to even be interviewed today as it technically constitutes work as the interview was work-related.

However, in the interests of journalistic balance, The Advocate rang Mr Dalhasse’s boss to hear his side of the story.

What our reporters were able to uncover is nothing short of groundbreaking.

“I rang Conor because I locked myself out of the office and I know he lives in the French Quarter, so I gave him a bell to see if I could run over and grab his key,” said David Perisher, national director of the New York-based advertising agency.

“And I knew the cunt was at home. I nearly went over there and knocked on the door but the cleaners rocked up just as I was about to get on the plod and go other there. Lucky for him,”

“I would’ve sprayed him like bullets on drug dealer’s house. But yeah, just because you work in an office, don’t expect your responsibilities to end when you walk out the door on a Friday.”

More to come.



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