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Wanda Mardy asked for her guest’s dietary requirements a week out from her weekend lunch jamboree at her parent’s heritage-listed Betoota Heights Queenslander.

What she received back in the post raised not one – but both eyebrows.

“Wow,” she said softly.

“There’s a lot of vegetarians this year. Christ, there’s a pescatarian. What the hell is that? Perhaps Dad shouldn’t have shot and cut up that alpaca now, a lot of it’ll end up in the deep freeze at this rate. My Peruvian curry will all go to waste,”

“Or maybe the omnivores will have to step up and eat enough meat to make any colorectal oncologist wince. God, this has thrown a spanner in the works. What do vegos even eat? Potatoe bake and salad? I hope Mum knows.”

Though it was a shock to the 29-year-old practising Quaker, it wasn’t much of a surprise to her life partner, Gregory, who’s noticed this downward trend in his friends.

He’s seen quite a number of his friends depart the platform of reason, only alight the train of life at the closest vegetarian station.

Food that’s certainly not for thought, according to him and a number of medical articles he’s prepared for the lunch today.

“I’m going to show them that being a vegetarian is counterintuitive and ultimately damaging to their health,” said Gregory.

“The articles I have prepared for lunch today hopefully sparks a warm debate over why perfectly normal people just stop eating meat,”

“I know a person’s diet is their business and their business only – but not when it comes to meat. Everyone should eat meat.”

More to come.


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