One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has spent the day waiting outside Brisbane Correctional Centre looking for any paroled offenders who look like they have what it takes to run alongside One Nation.

“People get sent to this place from all over the state” she says of the notorious supermax prison.

“So it’s a good starting point to find people for all the different electorates that I haven’t really touched on yet”

This comes after Pauline Hanson says she will not disendorse a One Nation candidate after jokes about domestic violence were found on the Facebook page of his sex shop.

Mark Thornton, the candidate for Thuringowa, owns the Cupids Cabin Adult Shop in Townsville, which has a number of explicit posts on its Facebook page.

“It’s just not that bad really” she says.

“Not as bad as the Asian bird I was gonna run down in Bundamba who said gays need electric shock therapy”

“And definitely not as bad as the bloke who kidnapped Aboriginal kids and mowed a swastika into his lawn while doing a Nazi salute”

“Probably should have vetted the social media accounts held by these guys a bit better hey”


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