Tom Davis started working at a Bill’s Guitars in Adelaide when he finished school because, as you can probably guess, he loves music.

Granted, he does also need to pay the bills while he gets through his music course at university, but generally the 21 year old loves everything to do with the musical sector of the arts.

However, the last week has taken its toll upon him, as the constant streams of people coming in and trying to strum the first three chords to ‘Seven Nation Army’ are finally getting him down.

The famous White Stripes track is well known for its catchy intro, and is universally hated by music store employees.

“Downnnn down downnnnn, down down do downnnnnn, I fucking hate it man. I hate it. Jesus Christ, they all come in, pick up a guitar, and spend 5-10 minutes playing the start of it and then walk out,” he said.

The young man said that he trembles now everytime he hears it; “It’s like taking a sip of black instant coffee, it just makes my whole body shudder and my head bobble around a little bit.”

“I don’t understand it at all.  Why does a bloke pretend to make a value judgement on a musical instrument based on playing the same shithouse chords over and over again.”

Davis said the middle aged men are the worst; “Look I want to help people take up an instrument and love it, I really do, but it would just be a god send if they could play a different song every once in a while, because I am not sure how much longer I can do it.


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