8 June, 2017. 10:23

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

The Queensland Police for has confirmed this afternoon that they make officers they don’t like ride pushbikes.

The controversial admission has been confirmed by the Police Union, who say that troublesome staff are often forced onto bicycles as a form of punishment.

“We can confirm at this time that policemen who ride bikes are being punished,” said a police spokesman.

“The uniform and bike are also designed to be as embarrassing as possible.”

Inspired by police departments in Paris and other European cities which make naughty policemen and women patrol the streets on roller blades and Segways, the cycling crime fighters are a relatively new addition to the Betoota Police Force.

Local Probationary Constable Ellias Walter has only been in the police force for six months, but already he’s found himself riding around on a bike.

“I think it’s because I took out the breathalyser at the pub to see who was the most pissed out of all us boys,” he said.

“Sarge didn’t like that. Or it might’ve been the time I put photos of my missus topless on the Facebook holding my gun and baton. Sarge didn’t like that, either. So he makes me ride around on a bike now. Bloke hates me.”

More to come.


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