Paul Churton was the butt of jokes again last night, after walking over 500 metres to the closest ATM operated by his Bank.
Early on in the night, Churton refused to use the RediSmart ATM at the pub, which would charge him “a stupid bloody fee,” and decided to go for stroll.
Despite confirming that he drives a few hundred metres down to the local shops on an almost daily basis, Churton stands by his decision.
Much to ire of his friends, the young engineer said that there is “no fucking way I will be coughing up my hard earned, to pay a bank for the use of my money.”
“It’s rubbish mate, the only thing in this world I hate more than architects, is ATM fees. And, I can tell you something, I hate fucking architects,”

“They have all these airy fairy idea’s in their heads, and want engineers like me to make it happen,” he said.

The Advocate had to cut his ramble off after about five minutes, at which point Churton had almost given himself a hernia.

A friend Will McRae confirmed that it is “bullshit that they slog you with those fees every time. But, if I am out having a beer I’m not going to walk a few blokes to save a pittance. Time is money eh.”
Churton raised the poignant fact that banks make an outrageous amount of money off interest on loaned monies which they often don’t physically have.
He said that “It’s a principal thing mate. I mean yes, it is also economic, but it just pisses me off to no end that I have to pay to access my money.”


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