A bunch of blokes from a low-key, retirement town, are desperately trying to emulate the surf-gang culture made popular by the 2007 Australian documentary Bra Boys: Blood is Thicker than Water.

Despite the fact that none of them are very good surfers, brawlers or community figures – the Mac Boys are under the impression that nearby towns are aware of who they are.

Similar to the Gold Coast’s Palm Beach ‘Palmy Army’ or the Northern Sydney ‘Avcats’ from Avalon Beach, the Mac Boys claim to be ‘very tribal and protective’ of the 550 metres between their north and South headlands.

“Locals only” yells one of the fellas, Glenn, who is often confused for his younger brother who is school captain of the nearby high school.

“Stand your ground”

With most of the girls in the town now at university in the city and the entire gang being given deadlines to find jobs or move out of home, the 20-somethings are very aware of how tough life can be in seasonal surf village.

“We never had nothing” says Jai, who works for his dad at the cafe adjoining the surf club.

“Mac Boys!”


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