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Scott Morrison is attempting to quash public anger at his performance again this morning after the vaccine his mate is helping market has hit a development wall.

The Oxford University coronavirus vaccine has hit a speed bump in development because someone has had an adverse reaction to it in the testing phase.

The Government has already committed to buy 84 million doses of a vaccine than could very well be useless – or it still might come good.

In the meantime, Scott Morrison has promised to release the vaccine’s source cod – something he hopes will calm the taxpayer down.

“This vaccine is a winner,” he said.

“And that’s not because the head of AstraZeneca’s government relations department is a former high-level Liberal Party staffer. It’s a winner because it gets the boys paid and the country vaccinated. It’s a win-win,”

“We are going to release the source code of the vaccine, which should put to rest some of the concerns people in the public have over the vaccine’s safety.”

When asked by a reporter what the government planned to do if the Oxford vaccine ended up dead in the water, the Prime Minister said the answer to that question is simple.

“Then we look for another vaccine that’ll get the boys paid. How dumb are you?”

More to come.


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