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Jack Smithson (29) and his girlfriend Anna Holt (27) are about to get into a bit of a stink following an announcement from Jack that he is going to shave his head.

“Why would you do that?” Anna questions, her face twisting into confusion.

“I dunno, because I reckon it looks sick!” Jack replies laughing goofily.

“It doesn’t look sick” Anna shot back.

“Nah it’ll be grouse, and if it’s shit, it’ll just grow back”

After simmering away in anger for about a minute, Anna piped up with what she thought was a decent ultimatum.

“Ok, you can shave your head, but if you shave your head, I’ll shave mine.” She says, thinking she’s just played a trump card that will see Jack change his mind about embarking on his transformation.

“No you wouldn’t”

“Want to try me? Would you still love me if I shaved my hair off?” Anna smugly asks, still thinking she has the upper hand.  

Anna has long prided herself on her luscious waves, so despite her best efforts, it was very apparent to Jack that she was bluffing.

After pretending to weigh up his options, Jack accepted Anna’s threat and decided to roll the dice.

“Yeah, righto, sounds good – meet you at the barber tomorrow”

More to come.


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