Dawson MP George Christensen says reisdents of Mackay should be preparing for a potential cyclone that could hit the north Queensland coast in coming days, as the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) tracks a tropical low in the Coral Sea that is expected to strengthen.

BOM forecaster Gorden Meninga has said that the system had a very high chance of developing into a cyclone on Sunday.

“We are expecting sometime on Monday for it to make landfall, between Cooktown to Bowen, more likely between the Cairns to Townsville region,” he said.

Meanwhile, Christensen says residents should stock up on barbed wires and sugarcane champagne, as the cyclone inconveniently times itself with the weekend.

“I have organised for free DVDs of the Cowboys highlights to be handed out at all CWA halls and post offices” he said.

“Make sure you get yourselves a copy because we might be indoors for a while”

Christensen, who just happens to be in his electorate for the imminent weather disaster, has today posted a photo of his own survival kit, including eight bottles of OP rum and combination of XXXX Gold and Bitter.

On top of that, Christensen has included an army-style hunting knife and half a pound of Rockhampton buds.

“Make sure you are prepared for everything. Also close your windows”

“[hahaha] might be a bit of a dutch oven over at my place”

The former party whip says that while he worries for his constituents, it will be a relief to see the Great Barrier Reef being ravaged by something that he can’t be blamed for.

“You can’t even argue with cyclones. They are unexpected and infrequent”

“I just hope this bad boy finishes the reef for good so these lefties stop trying to make us do something about the bleaching”


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