Privileged local progressive, Tim Rockleigh (30) has always struggled a bit when it comes to being a leftie.

As a privileged straight white male that went to a selective high school before attending one of the best universities in the country, Tim’s opinion has never meant much in the political circles he tries so hard to be involved in.

“People just don’t think I’m coming from a genuine place” he says.

“I’m always being picked apart for my privilege. I’m sick of it. I just wish I had some sort of minority status that couldn’t ever be questioned”

Having never really experienced any form of discrimination or prejudice in his whole entire life, The South Betoota ceramicist has for many years contemplated ways to get a few more stripes on his sleeve as a leftie.

“I just knew that if I was a woman people would take me more seriously as a feminist, and I wouldn’t have to worry about tip toeing around other minorities. No one would be able tell me I don’t understand the struggle”

Tim has since decided that transitioning is the best option for someone with a personality as big as his.

Since making the announcement on social media several months ago, Tim’s personal opinions regarding social policy and the progressive movement holds more weight than ever before.

“I went from a straight white male to a trans lesbian in one Facebook status” he says.

“I can now say words like dyke, hoe, bitch and slut as much as I want. Because they are our words”

“And when I say our, I mean, not you”

Tim, who for many years was never considered to be ‘in tune’ with what life if like for people who are a bit different, is now completely aware of the struggle faced by minorities.

“You know whattt ammm saying [n-word]?” he says cheerfully.






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