In an environment known for drug deals, footy fights, and drunken outbursts, the Betoota Valley Mall has now become home to an ever-growing population of delivery riders.

To the surprise of anyone well versed in turf wars, the two rival parties have managed to coexist peacefully, and even offer one another tips on how to live frugally.

“At first we were all a bit hesitant and even told each other to set up camp somewhere else,” reveals Sid, a Deliveroo rider.

“But then we found out that we were all staying at the same hostel, so it was alright.”

Sid states that a number of the backpackers have had trouble sourcing work and that delivering food was the last resort.

“Some reckon they’ll just do it for a little while, save up some bond money, and get a hospitality job.”

“But with the low pay and the high costs of living it just becomes a vicious cycle…haha cycle, get it?”

Sid reveals that even though the delivery companies state riders earn on average $22 an hour, they’ve failed to factor in the amount of time spent waiting for a job to come in, or for the restaurant to complete the order.

Some couriers have tried to cut their time in half through the use of revved up Ebikes, but this too comes with its own set of problems.

“A couple of the guys have rented an Ebike in the hopes that they’d be able to make twice as many deliveries,” says Sid.

“Unfortunately they can be pretty dangerous, as everyone is aware.”

Though they have the odd dispute about which delivery company is less exploitative, Sid says there’s at least one thing every rider can agree on.

“Yeah, delivery drivers can go fuck themselves.”


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