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In a brutal reminder of the importance of always paying attention when behind the wheel, a lightly modified BA Falcon XR6 copped a hiding in a traffic light drag race by a comically inferior early 2000s Honda Civic Turbo on Diamantina Valley Way, Bedourie last night.

Falcon owner Nick Right is keeping a low profile today but spoke to the Advocate from an undisclosed location.

“I guess I just wasn’t paying attention” a clearly devastated Nick explained. “I’ve pulled up to the lights and started fiddling around with my new stereo. Next thing I know some sort of rattly shopping cart has pulled up next to me but before I could even look up the light went green and it just screamed away at a slightly higher speed than normal.”

“As soon as I saw the Jetpilot sticker I knew there had probably been some sort of race. God I hope nobody saw that. I have deleted the dashcam footage just in case”.

In a statement, NSW Police said whilst it was not familiar with this particular event, similar scenarios highlight how important it is to be vigilant on the road.

“All too often our officers see the terrible outcomes of drivers paying insufficient attention to their surroundings. This may take the form of serious accidents, destruction of personal property, or as we’ve seen in this case, near-terminal damage to street cred.”


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