With warm weather temperatures reaching ‘fuck-I-can’t-sleep-walk-or-shit’ levels, an amazing backyard BBQ is taking place in Betoota’s French Quarter.

Taking the excuse to have a few social beers with pronounced gusto, functioning binge drinker Jesse Smart (28) enjoyed two delicious BBQ’d sausages wrapped in white bread served with sauce and onions infused with whatever beer the cook was halfway through drinking.

“Are these just from the supermarket? These are really good,” slurred Smart, referencing his penchant for nose to tail eating.

“There’s no bread left? Nah that’s alright.”

In an act of culinary defiance, Smart made do without bread and enjoyed an acapella low-carb snag which consisted of a lone sausage with a simple line of sauce on top.

“Mmm, these are so good but.”

At the time of writing, no more white bread has arrived at the BBQ although sources state there is a loaf of multigrain left unopened that no one is owning up to have brought.

Following Smart’s example, many other BBQ guests began to enjoy a drunken acapella snag, breaking free of the confines of bread and applying sausages directly to their mouths in a shared experience that rivals neanderthal levels of casual dining.


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