After a hitting listeners with a repetition of the same old AFL-playing-days stories via the Big Brother House and other TV shows, Ryan ‘Fitzy‘ Fitzgerald has pulled out a previously unheard ‘corker’ on Nova this morning.

Throughout the radio announcer’s AFL career, he played 15 games in 5 years for 2 clubs, the Sydney Swans and the Adelaide Crows. He has had 2 shoulder reconstructions and 2 knee reconstructions – but has many more hilarious anecdotes about his time playing footy.

While on paper Fitzy played at least three more matches for his native Adelaide, it appears that his Sydney Swans stories are far more plentiful- and, after years in the media spotlight, it was long thought that he had used up all of the stories that came out of the 20 months of Mr Fitzgerald’s life that were spent playing professional football – but today the 40-year-old proved everyone wrong.

“That reminds me of this time I was at the Swans…” the story began, as listeners braced in for another rerun, only to be shocked by a never-before-heard pearler.

“Jeez that came out of nowhere,” said die-hard Fitzy and Whippa fan and local plumber, Cardigan Pembroke.

“I deadset thought we were about to get another one of those three yarns about his old coach Rocket”

When asked how it has taken so long for him to tell a story that no one had ever heard before – after trotting out the same stuff about Rocket, and also his dad taking him to the footy for 30 uninterrupted seasons, Fitzy responded “I guess it’s like thinking you’ve seen every Seinfeld Episode then one just pops up that amazes you, you could call this story my marble rye”.

Anyone who missed the story on radio this morning be sure to watch the Back Page tonight or find it via Twitter, Facebook and blokes still sharing it at the pub.


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