Following the news that Nationals Leader, Barnaby Joyce is actually a citizen of a country that recognised gay marriage, conservative factions within both his party and the Liberals have urged him to renounce New Zealand’s stance on gay marriage.

It is believed that the same issue has been brought to light in the ranks of the Labor Party, as the powerful, but much-less talked about conservative party members also urge any dual-citizens to renounce their other home country’s stance on gay marriage, unless it is one that agrees with Australia’s current laws.

The Feircely patriotic Liberal party jester, Tony Abbott, who was born in England, has today come out demanding all Australian politician’s who hold dual-citizenship should renounced their non-Australian country’s stance on gay marriage.

“It’s aaahh. It’s just not a good look that these people… For one, they come from another country, and ahhh.. Aren’t Australian, but what makes them even more unAustralian is that most of their perverted home countries agree with gay marriage”

“Quite frankly, in my opinion, that is unAustralian – I plan to spend the next two months talking about how UnAustralian that is, and to steer this debate towards an elitist verse working class issue”

“Where, I, of course will play the champion of the working class – from right at home in my North Shore mansion”

It is believed, Penny Wong, a possible dual-national to Malaysia had already renounced her family’s home country’s stance on gay marriage years ago – mainly because it is even more discriminative than Australia’s policy – and because she’s a lesbian.




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