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The Opposition Leader spat 300 bars of lave earlier this week and dropped them on Soundcloud this morning.

In the track entitled, ‘Federal ICAC Would Be Whack!’, Anthony Abanese calls for party unity in the wake of this year’s election loss.

In the track, which our editor Clancy Overell has decided not to link because of the profanity and references to hardcore drugs, Albo suggests that establishing a federal anti-corruption watchdog would be bad for business in Canberra and that Bill Shorten ‘still runs his block’.

An excerpt of the lyrics The Advocate as deems appropriate to publish is below:

“My main man Bill, still run this block,” spits Albo.

“He ain’t no shill, you’ll get that Glock,”

“Want some pill? Or smoke that rock?”

“Strapped ready to kill, or drive like Peter Brock!”

The Advocate reached out to the Office of the Opposition Leader for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

Green’s leader Richard Di Natale’s office did, however, respond to our reporter’s request for comment.

Di Natale said he thinks the track is ‘inappropriate and ‘fucked’.

More to come.


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