A Betootan family holidaying on the Sunshine Coast have set the tone early with their camping neighbours today.

The Andrews began the first day of their annual Christmas holiday getaway like they always do.

Setting up their campsite.

While mum Kathy and father Kevin were putting up the gazebo off the side of the caravan, in the Mooloolaba Holiday Park, a friendly man walked over to say hello.

“Gday, looks like we will be neighbours for the next few days then,” the man said while laughing somewhat uneasily.

“I’m Phillip by the way,” he said offering his outstretched hand.

“Hi Phillip,” said the pair as the scurried around their site, sort of acknowledging the stranger’s presence, but making him feel belittled enough to ensure he didn’t return for a game of cards or a beer later that evening.

“Okay then, well nice to meet you. Have a good holiday,” Phillip said a short time later, realising that his new found neighbours would not be his family’s new found friends.

“Ah well. Just like the miserable nuclear families you get at home I guess. This park used to be a bit like a a community. I miss the Walshes that used to park there for the Chrissy holidays.”

More to come.


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