A local Facebook comedian who has found fame by causing distress to his girlfriend in a series of viral prank videos has today backed himself to release a line of merch, for people who love his content enough to buy a shirt indicating that fact.

Despite calls from concerned viewers for ‘Greeny’ to stop what he’s doing to that poor woman, it seems the social media reception to his most recent prank is only going to spur things on.

In a new video titled ‘Wake up bitch LOL’ – the overly jacked ‘Facebook celebrity’ can be seen waking up his sleeping girlfriend with an electric cattle prod, resulting in shrieks of shock and pain, followed by a reluctant ‘ooooi fuck off dickhead’ once she comes to term with the fact that she isn’t dying.

It is not yet known, if like many other Facebook pranksters, Greeny’s compilation videos are actually staged. However, the fact that his girlfriend isn’t seen wearing any form of exposing lingerie suggests that maybe she actually isn’t in on it – and might be stuck in ab abusive relationship.

Greeny’s new line of stringlet muscles tees are reportedly going for $75 bucks each, without shipping if you live within 15 kilometres of his nouveau-riche coastal housing estate.

Social media analysts give Greeny a couple months before he announces dates for an international tour, most likely named after his most famous prank video.


If you would like to purchase a form of merchandise that isn’t based off someone torturing their own live-in spouse, please visit Betoota Outfitters:



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