The 22-year-old receptionist at Sydney law firm, Ogilgemer-Maher, is a having a really good day.

As a recent university graduate, Annabelle Rockham says she finally feels comfortable in her entry-level position at the 100-person strong Martin Place office.

“I’ve been here for about four months and since then I had only had a couple conversations with co-workers who weren’t delegating tasks to me,”

“But this week it feels like I’ve turned a bit of corner. Now everyone seems to be making a much bigger effort to get to know me,”

Annabelle says she even receives a special visit from Sarah in HR every afternoon, just to make sure “everything is okay”.

“It’s really great. The Human Resources department are really looking after me too,”

“I mean, the female staff members are a bit harder to crack. They still pretend like I don’t exist… But all the guys are really cute. They always smile at me as they walk past,”

“I’ve got a few personal jokes with some. They almost always wink,”

With the staff Christmas party set to take to place in the next few days, Annabelle is really excited to get to know some of the female staff members as well.

“There’s a couple of girls that come up and chat to me, but it’s mostly the older ones. They want to make sure I know that they’ll be keeping an eye on me”

“I hear these staff parties are really wild. HR keep sending me pamphlets about reporting inappropriate behaviour… But I’m sure I’ll behave [laughter]”



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