Despite growing up only a few kilometres away from the nation’s most iconic and historical Jewish-Australian enclave, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has fears about missing the mark in the seat of Wentworth, in this upcoming Federal election.

While David Sharma won the seat at the last election, fears are growing that Independent MP Allegra Spender could replicate Kerryn Phelps, and pinch the affluent electorate in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. 

Get the run down of the heated battle for Wentworth by listening to our chat with Allegra Spender here:

So, with his balls to the wall, Morrison has returned today with a new shtick that is sure to win over the 13% of Jewish voters in the Wentworth electorate.

Situational comedy.

Because if there’s one thing Jewish people love more than being thrown into divisive barbecue conversations about Israel, it’s Jerry Seinfeld and his legacy of awkward but surprisingly layered jokes about everyday life. Well, that’s according to Scott Morrison’s 24-year-old Cronulla-based media advisor

“What’s the deal with aeroplane food!?” said the Prime Minister, in a surprise set at Bondi Beach comedy club last night.

“It’s like, normal food, but smaller. It never fills you up!”

Speaking to the media today, Morrison said he feels like his set went pretty well, and he’s just relieved to have found something that he can use to appeal to Jewish people with pork barreling them.

“Uh oh…” he said.

“I mean, that’s the wrong word… Um”

The next 25 minutes of the press conference saw the Prime Minister attempt to dig his way out from the gaffe of saying ‘pork barrel’ – in a hilarious Larry David style monologue.


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