A local father of four has wasted a significant amount of time today, explaining directions to his son who owns and iPhone.

Darren Gibbs overhead his son Shane talking to his girlfriend Khris earlier about what would be the quickest way to get to their friend’s place in the Golf Course Estate.

“What’s the street?” he interrupted?

“Oh Stratheden Street, right so you know, the road that turns of the main road from the Ponds right?” he then asked upon hearing the address.

“Yep, it’s all good Dad I’m just going to whack it into Google Maps to be honest. It’s no problem,” was the reply from Shane.

“Nah, nah what you wanna do, is take that turn off to the Deacon Deviation. It’s way quicker and really easier.”

After realising the error of raising it with his father, Shane told our reporters that she then resigned himself to listening to detailed instructions about how to navigate through three Brisbane Suburbs.

“Jesus Christ, I literally am just going to listen to the maps, but he actually just lights up when he gets the chance to give directions. I think it must be a dad thing,” she said to us.

Shane said that he will be more careful in future to ensure that his dad can’t overhear any direction-related conversations.

Darren however, was scathing this afternoon, telling us that young people are far to reliant on their smartphones.

“You can’t trust those things. I spent three years working as a cabbie in the late 90s. There’s not one short cut I don’t know”

“Except for in the new suburbs”


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