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With only three days until the Australia Day long weekend, some of Australia’s most patriotic citizens are already are preparing themselves for a day in the sun celebrating the introduction of small-pox to one of the longest continuing cultures on the planet.

And what’s even better, this year the controversial day of National Celebration falls on a Friday, so there is no pressure to rock up to work with a brain-damaging hangover.

It’s a day of barbecues, music and national reflection, revision and refocus.

It’s a fun time of the year, for all involved, except the blackfellas and/or migrant families who get abused in a public place for attempting to do the same thing by celebrating a country they call home.

Down in Cronulla, arguably the home of Howard-era nationalism, also known as ‘Big Day Out Patriotism’ – Sharryd has got the blow up pool ready – and the TEDs on ice.

“This is gonna be fucken sick” he says.

“I’ve got the goey sorted, Monster Energy and Smirnoff all day!”

However, as embarrassing as it is, Sharryd is cutting corners this year. He’s going to just fill his inflatable pool up with piss to begin with.

“It’s gonna end up that way anyway” he says.

“I thought a bright yellow tint might steer people from putting their heads under – last year Shay got an ear infection when she passed out during the final ten”

Watch the full interview below:


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