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Cricket Australia has returned fire after Prime Minister Scott Morrison shot a salvo over the sporting body’s bow this morning after they decided to drop “Australia Day” celebrations from the Big Bash League.

“I think Cricket Australia should focus more on cricket and less on politics. Leave that up to the professionals!” said Morrison.

“It’s disappointing to see them politicising something that doesn’t need to be politicised.”

Cricket Australia issued a statement shortly after, telling the Prime Minister to focus on his workingman dress-up games and let them administrate God’s summer game.

The nation’s peak cricketing body said that while they value the Prime Minister’s input at times, now is not one of them.

“It’s disappointing to see Scott Morrison engage himself in cricket when he doesn’t even know the rules or have any real interest in it,” CA said.

“If it wasn’t for his Bloke Advisor, he wouldn’t even know when it’s on. Do you really think Scotty from Marketing has ever sat in the Doug Walters Stand? Has he ever had a lukewarm Vilis pie and a Carlton Mid while Magilla and Warnie are working the English middle-order late on day four?”

“Probably not. You think he’s ever been to a Waratahs game and knew whoever player was? Fucken oath. Cricket is Australia’s game. Yeah sure, it’s pretty fucken racist and we put Catholic-hating xenophobes like Don Bradman up on a pedestal. But we’re working on it. Scott Morrison on the other hand, he’s just working on himself,”

“We’re rebuilding now for South Africa. Cheers.”

The Advocate reached out to the Prime Minister’s Office for comment but Big Scotty is still out bush wagging chins and talking about fucken cattle prices and the bloody fucken drought.

More to come.


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