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What do you get when you combine a group of young professionals and a pub trivia night? A hilarious team name, thats what!

A group of soulless young men and women sent everyone at the pub into meltdown last night after the Trivia host announced their witty and original team name.

“And finally, we have the Quizlamic Terror” said the host with a roll of the eyes not picked up by many amidst the rapturous laughter.

The group all come from a similar walk of life, all enjoy the odd Trivia session down at the local Bert Tree And Entwhistle in the French quarter, and most of all, “love a few brewskies with the squad” after a big day working in law and tax law.

We spoke to the man responsible for the side splitting title, Henry William-Watson, about his inspiration to make a relatively funny joke and prove to the world that he’s not a suit-wearing robot.

“Yeah look, if I’m honest with you lads I actually heard the name somewhere else, but I chucked it in the group and everyone just went for it,” said William-Watson.

“It’s like pretty funny because, it’s a pun on quiz, but combined with a bit of an edgy topic you know, so makes it good I reckon.”

We managed to grab the Trivia host before he cycled off into the darkness, for a few words about the hilarity of the name.

“Fuck” he sighed heavily.

“I don’t get paid enough to do this shit man,” said the aspiring comedian and part time music teacher.

“Honestly, I hear those stock standard names week in week out, Quizzlamic Terrorists, Quizzed In My Pants, Quizzical. I don’t know maybe I’m jaded, but what’s wrong with something topical or current? Like Kevin Spacey’s Under 21’s or something like that?”


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