After an unsuccessful 18 months spent campaigning against societal decay, a prominent Betoota-based No voter is now finding ways to occupy herself, following the legalisation of gay marriage.

After spending a good portion of December and January focusing on her new chilli garden, as well as his neighbour’s inability to keep the branches of his Poinciana to his side of the fence-line, semi-retired accountant Toni Davidson (59) is now channeling her energy towards Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios.

“That kid needs a real shake up” she says, while watching the brash mannerisms displayed by the best Australian tennis player since Pat Rafter.

Toni, like many other jaded Christians has grave concerns for the future of this country, after the postal vote survey gave way to a true chink in the armour of Australian conservatism and sensibilities.

While the Victorians are now focusing on gangs, the rest of the country’s No Voters are forced to turn their focus to the supposed attitude problem of Australia’s only hope for sporting success.

“He should feel honoured to be talented enough to represent this country at the highest level”

“He should be thanking every Australian, we afforded him that opportunity, as a nation”

“He owes it to me as a late fifties suburban Baby Boomer”



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