A Western Sydney man says the gay population need to go back to wherever they came from, presumably San Francisco or Bangkok – after being disheartened by same-sex marriage postal vote results yesterday.

John, a father and grandfather of Australian-born citizens, says this is isn’t the kind of Australia he used to know.

“Australia should not bow to these people” he says.

“I didn’t put up with three decades of discrimination just to see gay people achieve the same kind of equality I have come to know”

The Australia Bureau Of Statistics postal survey results found up to three quarters of the population in the Western Sydney electorates of Blaxland and Watson voted against same sex marriage – showcasing the conservative values of immigrant cultures in Australia.

“These people should go back to where they came from” says John.

“I didn’t see nearly as many of them when I first moved here”

“Tony Abbott has said a lot of appalling things about me and my people over the years… But he was right about this”

According to the ABS, voters from Lebanese and Chinese backgrounds now outnumber those with Australian-born parents in these areas, 72 per cent of all people had both parents born overseas. 30 per cent are from a Muslim background in Blaxland, 23 per cent in Watson, 10 times the national average of 2.6 per cent.

The same goes in Victoria where Bruce, one of only two electorates to vote “no” in the entire state, has three times the proportion of families with Chinese backgrounds, and in Calwell, where one of the state’s largest Iraqi communities resides along with the Turkish, and Lebanese diaspora.


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