A packed bus full of able-bodied Gen-Y and Gen-X professionals, as well as an array of school students, are relieved today that none of them are required to show any form civil duty, as an ambiguously aged female baby boomer is left to stand in the aisle.

The woman, Wendy Ventura, who could be anywhere between her late-50s to late-60s, unfortunately doesn’t look like ‘an old grannie’ – and therefore, will have to remain standing.

Wendy is not helped by her corporate attire and ability to walk without a hobble, as the entitled younger commuters avoid eye contact.

While it is statistically proven that on each mode of public transport there will always be the one overly chivalrous dude who gives up his seat immediately out of martyrdom, it appears that guy is already standing after a pregnant woman jumped on a couple stops back.

Both the male and female commuters, of all ages, are squashing their guilt by convincing themselves that Wendy isn’t really that old, and that if she is – she’s looking pretty good – and should feel happy that no one sees her as a helpless old lady.

“I’m not expecting anyone to help me because I’m a woman, but I am wearing heels” says Wendy.

“These 20-something women who are sitting down in their commuter joggers should know better”




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