The extremely expensive construction of one-off sporting facilities for a second-tier world games is definitely worth it, insists the Gold Coast.

The South East Corner of Queensland says next April’s Commonwealth Games are being treated the same way as those in year’s past. Meaning, there is a lot of money and training going into it despite the fact most events will only be watched as highlights in TV news around the world.

GOLDOC Chairman and former QLD Premier, Peter Beattie says he doesn’t expect many people to be watching the ‘Empire Games’ live – but it doesn’t matter because the games are very similar to the Olympics.

Many experts, who don’t really care that much, say the 2018 Commonwealth Games will be just as big and interesting as the ones in Brisbane which the Queen went to for some reason.

“I guess there will be heaps going on” says a spokesperson from Queensland Tourism.

“Like they give out gold medals as well, just like the Olympics.”

“I think”

With our great athletic rivals, India and Namibia, set to steal the show in a range of Commonwealth events – all we can do is hope that our representatives do us proud.




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