A Betoota woman has today realised that the only two gay men that she knows would be a great match.

Holly’s close work friend, Ben, has today been told he doesn’t need to worry at all about being single for much longer because Holly knows another gay guy who could be boyfriends with.

During an afternoon lunch, Holly was heard telling Ben how hot her childhood friend Tim is, in her eyes, and that her idea of hot is probably the same as his.

It remains unseen at this stage whether or not Ben actually will be a good match for Tim, or just a little victory for Holly’s social life.

“I’m not sure” Ben tells the Betoota Advocate.

“It sounds like she’s really into the idea of the matchmaking. Not so much the relationship that will follow”

Holly is really looking forward to introducing the pair at an exclusive event this weekend. She believes that they will “hit it off”

Betoota will stay close on upcoming updates, and how their first painstaking date will go with Holly floating around like a parole officer.


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