The town of Roma has been rattled by the arrival of a well-educated good looker that isn’t related to anyone, as droves of dumb bushies begin acting up during every single social event.

Tia Malley (26) from Brisbane is currently going through the final paces of her medical degree at the Royal Beetson Hospital, and has arrived in town single.

Not only that, but she’s mentioned to a few of the nurses that she doesn’t mind country guys.

Since that very moment, there has not been a night out in Roma where someone hasn’t been punched.

Luckily for all the dumb bushies and roughnecks working in town, Tia finds this kind of reckless, drunken behaviour really hot.

“I don’t know what it is” she says.

“I’ve just never been the type of girl that appreciates someone coming up and saying hello to me”

“I’d much prefer to see them antagonise each other to the point of a full blown pub fight”

But it’s not just the fighting that gets Tia going. She also loves the public nuisance.

“I thought I’d met the one the other night” she said.

“When Archie Ferris [local bushie] somehow got a motorbike onto the roof of the pub and was threatened to send it off onto the cars below… It just did something for me”

While the other single girls in town realise this recent influx of show-boating and one-upmanship is directly related to Tia’s arrival, they say they can’t hold it against her.

Local bachelorette Kelly says the boys are about to get humbled when Tia goes home with the city-based Elders sales rep who can string a sentence together.

“Not one of them have said hello to her without yelling it” she said.

“She must be really confused after all those years watching Farmer Wants A Wife”



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